Terms of Use

Fireworks.is follows the following regulations in shipping fireworks to your door… Federal Law (49 CFR Part 172, and its Subparts).

At Fireworks.is we know all fireworks we sell are SAFE & SANE as our owners have personally hand fired all products sold on Fireworks.is. Some people have special ears; we actually know fireworks. Please follow all safety instructions on labeling and visit our safety tab with links to various professional organizations in fireworks industry.

Buyer shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Fireworks.is from and against any and all claims, losses, liability, damages and expenses. Claims, losses, liability, damage and expense includes, but is not limited to; any accident, injury, arrest, fine or citation, fire, property damage or any other losses or incidents during the transportation, handling, storage, use or sale of these fireworks.

Fireworks.is will make every attempt to deliver specific product ordered. In an event where specific product is unavailable Fireworks.is will replace product with one of equal or greater value or store credit; the same policy applies for “duds” or products that do not perform as depicted in video. All sales are final with payment due on demand prior to delivery. This stuff is made in China by hand so there is a margin of error, but we do stand behind our product.

As a Fireworks.is buyer and as part of conducting business with Fireworks.is; I understand that fireworks are volatile, and I assume all risks regarding them. Know the verbiage of your local laws you can often light fireworks everyday of the year! Know possession of the fireworks we sell 1.4g is legal everyday of the year everywhere! Massachusetts bring it and I'll happily give you a lecture.