Fireworks.is was founded by Seth Rye in 2020 and is a sister company to our professional fireworks display company Patriotic Pyros founded in 2003. Uncle Seth has had a life long passion for fireworks dating back to his first memories of fireworks as a child. "My family has a great tradition of celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks. My Great Uncle Tom would throw M-80s by my feet as a kid because he liked to watch me dance. The thrill of those booms is when fireworks stole my heart." ~Uncle Seth

Over the years fireworks went from a hobby making cannon ball runs to Missouri for "the good stuff"(we carry it all to save you the haul!) all the way to a Professional Explosives License with the ATFE, Nebraska Shooter's License and Pyrotechnic Guild International Shooter's License. Attending various fireworks festivals, conventions, training, seminars and shoot sites we have seen a lot over the years. Learning and teaching is key in an industry like fireworks and we are constantly learning and striving to expand access to the wealth of knowledge the community has to offer.

We have worked hard to develop relationships with some of the leading fireworks companies the industry has to offer. We hand shoot everything we sell. "If I won't light it by hand you shouldn't either!" ~Uncle Seth

All of the products sold on Fireworks.is pass safety standards set by CPSC and AFSL. The brands we work with adhere to the highest safety standards the industry has to offer.

Located in friendly Realville USA we are proud to ship nationwide to empower your thump junkie passion!