Fireworks School

Are you new to fireworks? Do you want to make sure your kids are handling their fireworks safely? We are here to help! Our team of seasoned pyros want to give you a once through that the traditional stands just cant offer. offers a variety of training courses for various levels of experience.

Watch for dates to be released 4/23/21!!!

Whether you are a beginner with toddlers interested in our free 30 minute sparkler seminar. Are you trying to figure out when your child is ready to start having fun and experimenting with sparklers and novelty items. Stop by our free 30 minute sparkler seminar. Our trained pyros can help you evaluate your child's readiness for fireworks. Give you great tips and tricks to handling fireworks with your kids! Ages 4-7

Have a taste of fireworks and need to get familiar with handling novelty items and low end display product for kids? This course will run you and your kids through the basic safe handling of fireworks. Brief overview of the different types of fireworks on the retail market. Hands on training including intentional misfires to show kids the respect fireworks deserve! You can tell your kid over and over about the things that could happen. In this controlled environment we show you what can happen when things go wrong. Each kid will receive a 100% cotton tshirt and  Shooter in Training License Ages 7 & up 1 adult required for every 2 kids under age of 13

Lets face it are you a thump junkie like me? If this is you and fireworks is a way of life then you want to step up your game with this course for teens and adults. Our trained pyros will give you a brief overview of NFPA 1123-1125 safety standards, good safety practices and introduction to display setup. This is a hands on learning course that encompasses overview of various kinds of fireworks, firing systems, wiring display to put on a real professional display! Each participant will receive 100% cotton tshirt and Shooter Apprentice License Ages 13 & up

If you are at the point where consumer fireworks are cool but you want to get into professional grade 1.3G then this is your course. We will run you through the full NFPA 1125 course. Live fire training exercises you will hand lite 2.5" display artillery shell. We will talk display setup, distances, working with your local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) to pull permits, obtain insurance and legally shoot a 1.3G display. This course includes a 100 question test and Shooter License will be issued. Ages 15 & up